For more than 12 years, I have been grateful for the trust placed in me to capture the most significant and treasured moments of people's lives.

I was born in Kyiv, Ukraine. At the age of 23 I proudly graduated with a Master of Financial Law degree. At that time I happened to met my husband and ended up moving first to Asia, and then to the United States. 

I started my photography business during the first year of my schooling. After graduating I could not imagine myself giving up my career for anything, even finance law.


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my story

I'm Irina Chepko 

  my faves

I clearly remember the moment when I decided I wanted to build a successful photography business. It happened after I actually started - at the beginning I was too young and acted intuitively and unconsciously. My creative approach and my families support of course, helped me realize the interest and passion I have for this work. For me it turned into so much more than goals and numbers.

That's why I consider my biggest achievements as the times when a bride would say "my grandma wants to have you over for tea! Just visit us whenever you'll be in our country". Achievements like carrying around a cute little boy, and making him laugh on camera. Then, remembering the time I photographed his Mother in a chic, sexy dress, long before she had him.
At this moment, they are priceless for me.
There has not been a single day
(ok, maybe one  of those sleepless summer nights back in 2016) when I have doubted my decision.
I love this energy, I love seeing people happy and for God's sake - I love crying every father-daughter dance!
Oh, I hope that 10 years later I would tell you the same!


My Story

this guy
who gave me his last name


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"The pictures reflect exactly how we feel of each other"

Kubra & Omer

 After an amazing and fun photoshoot we are mesmerized by the pictures that talented Irina took. The pictures reflect exactly how we feel of each other. Thank you again. My husband hates taking pictures but after this shoot and pictures he’s awaiting another shoot with Irina. One word: amazing!

Arina & Anastas

"we’d love her to capture all the important moments of our life."

We were looking for a wedding photographer quite a while, we wanted a real professional in this field. Than our friends told us about Irina. And we were more than happy we choose her. We were very pleased with her work! Besides of being talented photographer she is such a genuine and warm-hearted person and that’s why we’d love her to capture all the important moments of our life.

"Irina kept telling me that our wedding is not a photoshoot"

It was amazing experience to work with Irina! You could feel her energy, enthusiasm and delicate professional approach. It was delightful to have her next to me on my special day. Irina kept telling me that we just need to be in the moment, be fully present. And so we did. An as a result we have beautiful photos, our first family heirlooms.  


My vision combines simplicity and natural soft colors, editorial and classy look. In wedding photography my goal is to save perfectly imperfect moments, sparkling eyes and candid emotions. It's essential for me to capture all the details that make wedding day a unique love story for my couples.  


now let's talk about

Elegant, significant, timeless


What cameras do you use? 

Contax and Canon 

Film or digital?

Both! Whatever helps me to achieve rich, soft colors and timeless feeling.

who is your dream client?

My bride is a Lady.

Sophisticated, elegant, with a very keen sense of style. She has passion for all artistic and beautiful, paying attention to every detail. 

She’s is heartfelt and more often animal
lover - it says so much. She wants her wedding to be a celebration of love, nice and unique.


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Thank you for the inquiry I  will get back to you as soon as possible

Warmly, Irina