California babies| Seal Beach, CA

October 30, 2019

This stunning girl with beautiful tattoos and coolest hair is Erin. She’s full time yoga teacher, blogger and a future mom of twins!
I love her Instagram @californiayogababe where she’s writing about her life, yoga and pregnancy journey.

This summer Erin moved from Atlanta to California with her lovely man and the cutest dog. And I was happy to shoot a maternity session for her, especially on a such beautiful location as Seal Beach. We came early in the morning and everything went so delightful, that I didn’t notice how time flew by.

Besides being an amazing model, Erin is deep and sincere person and for me was so pleasant to talk with her about her preparations for giving birth to two new humans. It’s unbelievable and I’m genuinely exited and happy for her!

And here’s some pictures from our morning! Shimmering ocean, rays of Californian sun are attached!




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