Honeymoon, Italy, and my endless love!| Sperlonga, Italy

October 15, 2019

No words can describe how deeply I’m in love with this country. In it culture, architecture, people and vibe in general. And the thing is that except main essential spots like Milan, Venezia and so on (God please forgive me for cutting this list down, if I won’t it will be endless post) there are not so common places where you can seek your own Italian «la dolce vita» . One of them, undoubtedly is Sperlonga. It’s a tiny seaside town about 1 hour from Roma. Apart from immaculate seaview, crystal warm water I was smitten by these whitewashed houses that makes this village look like a wedding cake. I was there in early September and I can tell that this a splendid place for a weekend retreat. Especially while honeymoon.

I love shooting on honeymoon for several reasons: wedding with all it’s intension is past behind and couple already have a pretty solid posing background, if you know what I mean.

My couple, Tettiana and Dimitry were super sweet, with their eyes sparkling with love and what was even more important – they’re tolerant and understanding that starting at 6:45 AM it’s the only way to obtain empty streets.

And indeed, sunrise and peaceful morning atmosphere fits this place perfectly. Everything went pleasantly, joyful and relaxed – like how it suppose to be in Italy, isn’t it? And better that meeting sunrise walking and kissing on empty streets, belongs just for two of us could be only having some fragrant espresso with fresh local pastry (cannoli!cannoli!cannoli!) for breakfast after the shooting.



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