Feather as a gift | Tanyard Creek Park, Atlanta, GA

October 29, 2019

This summer Atlanta hosted an amazing Wanderlust Festival and I was lucky to capture it. I can’t express enough how I enjoyed that atmosphere and how many nice, spiritual and deep people were there. But one girl caught my eye and impressed me the most. All her appearance radiated peace, light and kindness. I was so shy, but decided to come and introduce myself. 

Again, I was ridiculously shy and all I managed is to mumbled something like «Hi! I’m Irina and I’m a new here in Atlanta and you are…you are so beautiful!» We laughed, chat a little bit and follow each other on Instagram. So, her name is Imany and she is energy healer. And seriously, after reading all her posts and quotes my mind was blown. Cause it was unbelievable to find such a like-minded person. 

And few weeks later I received news from her – she’s moving to Atlanta and searching for a photographer for her new project @withpurposeofficial_ . And I was so honored to create something together. When she shared with me her mood board – you should’ve seen how insanely happy I was. Cause long time ago I was picturing exactly the same story – beautiful girl, boho-vibes, long dress, nature, stone and water, earthy colors, wooden board with crystals, candles and Palo Santo. And everything turned exactly as a dreamed.

We decided to go to Tanyard Creek Park, in Buckhead.  I will never forget what happened in the beginning of our shooting – just after I picked the right location – like a small piece of miracle – beautiful bird’s feather literally fall in Imany’s hands! I was fascinated by one more prof that Universe always speaks to us. Help us^ guides and cherishes. All we can do – to see, to marvel at its strength, to be conscious and endlessly grateful. Oh, and speaking about consciousness – Imany’s also been hosting a podcast Conscious Intention and for me listening to it is the best way to remind yourself what things are really important and how to live in harmony and abundance!    




Thank you for the inquiry I  will get back to you as soon as possible

Warmly, Irina