Just be like water! | Candler Building, Atlanta, GA

October 29, 2019

Everything started with a social media frustration.

It was late Sunday night. Tired of scrolling Instagram feed aimlessly, I opened Pinterest. I was seeking inspiration for a new styled shoot. And nothing came to my mind. However, few minutes later I stumbled upon one image. It literally blowed my mind! Exquisite bronze water sculpture of girl with angel-like water wings.

And there were so much stillness and endless power in it’s face. I googled the artist – it’s a polish figurative sculptor Malgorzata Chodakowska. And her works are just divine. I mean, divine!

So, I’ve decide to express it somehow. I found bronze-colored silk dress and called Angelica, my dear friend, who is a professional fashion model and almost cried in a phone – “I have and idea and a dress, let’s meet at sunrise and make you look like a fountain!” Lovely aproach indeed.

Well, few days later – 7AM, we are standing by a fabulous Candler building. I choose this location because of it’s royal, old-word vibes and splendid fountain just next to it. And it was a perfect match.

Working with Angelica it’s a pure joy. Hope that after my crazy yells «Just be like water! And feel, feel the power!» she enjoyed everything as much as I did. What can I say – Art Above All.




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